Unbelievable Before & After Weight Loss Transformations | Success Stories

Losing weight can often feel like an uphill battle, especially if you are being told to run up a hill by a your trainer, but the rewards can be life-changing. Harsh seasons, busy schedules, and everyday stress can all be used as excuses to put off taking the first steps towards shedding those extra pounds. Last year 45% of Americans were recorded in a survey stating that their 2018 New Year’s resolution was to lose weight. Bored Panda recognizes how hard it can be to stick with these goals, so we like to share your success stories. Here are some more motivational before-and-after weight loss photos to show you that anything is possible. In the words of Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Don’t forget to upvote your favorite transformations!

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1- I Lost Over 80 Kg And I Don’t Have Friends To Be Excited About My Change So I’m Hoping One Of You Guys Appreciate It:


2- He Treated Me The Same Way At 485 Lbs That He Does At 182 Lbs. Love Doesn’t Have A Size Or Weight Limit:


3- I Am A 30-Year-Old Female, And Have Gone From A Size 26 ToA Size 8 In 2 Years, Of Course I Have Loose Skin!! It’s Nothing To Be Afraid Of:


4- 20 Less Than 2 Years It Took Me To Lose This Weight :


5- Weight Loss Journey, From 370 Lbs To 288 Lbs :


6- I’ve Lost A Lot Of Weight, A Lot Of Sadness, And A Little Facial Hair. I’ve Gained A Whole New Appreciation For Life. Remember To Always Love Yourself :


7-  Collin Clarke Has Down Syndrome, But Still Managed To Lose Weight And Gain Muscle Mass :


8- Chinese Family Spends 6 Months Working Out, And Here Are Their Before-And-After Pics :


9- From 480 To 220 Lbs :


10- 82 Lbs Lost In A Year And A Half. All Natural, No Surgery. Still A Ways To Go :


11- Father-Of-Three Realizes He Can’t Keep Up With His Children, Transforms His Body Beyond Recognition In 6 Months. From Size 42 In Jeans To A 33.


12- Lost 223 Pounds. Was Fooling Around And Taking Pictures And Was Shocked By How Good I Look. I Feel So Proud Of This Picture :


13- Day One Of My Journey Vs. My Fitness Anniversary 4 Years Later And Two Year Mark Of Maintaining My 100 Pound Loss :


14- 171 Lbs loss :


15- Lost 150 Lbs In 3,5 Years. It’s My 31st Birthday And I’m 150 Lbs Lighter :

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