Most Imaginative and Innovative T-shirt Designs

Creativity knows no limits. It is not limited by sense or reason. Sometimes to the common folk like us, creativity may seem like complete nonsense. But no, that’s just the limitation of our brain that is unable to understand the imagination and innovation that created the design in the first place. It’s not the design that lacks sense, my friend, it’s us. Design can never be stupid.

Scroll down and see 22 of the most imagiative and innovative t-shirt designs!


1- Backbone T-shirt :


2- Skelly Baby T-shirts :


3- Big Hand T-Shirt :


4- Baby Peeking Maternity Wear Tees and T-Shirts :


5- Lighter T-shirt :


6- T-shirt design for orphans :


7- Oh. It took me quite a long time to realize they weren’t real :


8- Resident Evil Zombie T-shirt :


9- When it’s hot, and your nipples get all sweaty :


10- Live Young Baby Tee :


11- Zoo Safari T-shirts :


12- Jump in Shirt :


13- The Revenge :


14- The concept of the art intertwining with the shirt is interesting :


15- Playstation 2! First to pla :


16- Mood Shirts :


17- T-shirt to show off abs :


18- Funny Bodybuilding T-shirt! what if women wear it?


19- Long Hair Illusion T-Shirt :


20- Bikini Swimsuit T-shirt :

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