Japanese Designer Turns Famous Logos Into Usable Items

Award-winning Japanese designer Taku Oomura has reimagined iconic company logos with a twist – with the magic of 3D printing, they have found creative practical uses in everyday life.

As a side-project to his successful design business, the project called ‘Trial and Error’ has captured people’s imagination, as we are already familiar with the logos it is fascinating to see how Taku is able to utilize the existing designs to suit his creative purpose. From Adobe coathangers to the Honda bottle opener Taku’s ideas are (literally in the case of the Mitsubishi fan), really cool!

Scroll down below to check them out yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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1 – Adobe :


2- Honda :


5- Adidas :


6- Nike air Jordan :


7- Macdonald’s :


8- Nike :


9- Louis Vuitton :


10- Bluetouth :

11- Twitter :


12- Toys “R” us :


13- Maruchan :


14- Seino :


15- Playstation :


16- Coca-Cola :


17- JR :


18- Youtube :

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