Hilarious Random Dump of Before and After Photos

Everyone loves their dose of before and after images that symbolize progress and dedication. However, everything is being twisted these days and remodeled  with a tinge of twisted humor. So here are some of the funniest before and after pictures for this week to let the digital mockery began.


1- Monalisa after one week in USA :


2- Girls with and without makeup :


3- Gillette Fusion Magic :


4- Magic of head and shoulders :


5- Before and after coffee :


6- Before and After going to dentist :


7- Barney has been really working out and here are his before and after photos to prove it :


8- Meth..Before & After :


9- Before and after use of sedal :


10- In only 2 weeks Robert lost his glasses :


11- Technology has affected our lives :


12- When weekend was good you’ll see it :


13- Unbelievable progress in just 6 weeks:


14- Politicians before and after elected :


15- Men before and after shave :


16- Before and after weekend party :


17- In just 12 weeks, you can go from a fat white guy to a buff black guy :


18- Road sign bird before and after :


19- How to shrek fat easily for that ultimate six pack :


20- We have to say that this is pretty accurate :


21- Cats before and after bath :


22- Girls before and after workout :

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