Famous Disney Characters Reimagined As Superheroes

Disney has one of the largest collection of iconic characters in the history of entertainment. From Snow White to Cinderella to Simba to Elsa, generations of people have grown up with these guys and gals.

They instill hope, bring us joy, make us cry, and make us cheer. They’re some of the best heroes we have.

However, they’re not superheroes. When Disney bought Marvel nearly a decade ago, the minds of creative fanboys and fangirls went into overdrive.

They began to think of crossovers where Donald Duck meets Captain America or an entire The Nightmare Before Christmas world dedicated to the superheroes and supervillains from the comic books.

They even began to mashup the characters from both companies. If the two companies were now one, why couldn’t the characters also merge?

We’ve seen some combinations that make all the sense in the world like Beauty and the Beast’s Beast mashed up with Beast from the X-Men.

However, artists have also created some hybrids that, in theory, don’t make sense but are incredible when pen is put to paper. Who would have thought we’d see Mickey Mouse combined with Deadpool?

We delved deep into the internet to bring you Famous Disney Characters Reimagined as Superheroes.


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