Artist illustrates The Simple Joys Of Couple’s Life

Dina Odess is a 27-year-old illustrator from Kazakhstan, currently living and working in New York.
The artist loved drawing since she was a child and tried out many different mediums. She didn’t have any art education, but that didn’t stop her from expressing herself through art. “I tried my hand at a lot of things since then, like interior design (which I do for living now), graphic design, oil painting, printmaking, watercolor, lettering, fashion illustration, chalkboard drawing, 3d, calligraphy, dot art, pastel and so on and so forth,” she wrote on her website.

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1- For Those Who Love To Wear Men’s Shirts :


2- My Favorite Place In All The World Is Next To You :


3- It’s The Same Every Evening :


4- To Each His Own :


5- Cherry Blossom Season In New York :


6- Personal Space :


7- Evening Chats :


8- The Comfort Of Modern World :


9- Flowers :


10- Snack Time :


11- Doing Nothing Except Lying On The Couch And Watching Tv :


12- It’s Watermelon Season :


13- Somebody Turned Out To Be Big Fan Of Cher (Cher – Strong Enough) :


14- Evening Uzbek Tea With Some Dried Fruits And Walnuts :


15- Laundry Day :

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