10 Cartoon Characters Reimagined To Look As If They Were Human

Artists creating cartoon characters like the Lion King and Shrek, although quite innovative, is quite a common feature. But here we have some extremely creative artists converting cartoon characters into their respective human forms as per their imaginations. A real treat to watch!

More info : astkhik.art


1. Simba and Nala from “Lion King” in a romantic pose!


2. Donkey was the cutest character in “Shrek”


3. Here is Red from “Angry Birds”?


4. It’s Just Bob Now


5. And now you have the Funny Guys from “Lion King”


6. “Kung Fu Panda”


7. Scrat looks even more confused in his human guise


8. “Zootopia” Characters


9. Goofy, He Still Looks Funny:


10. The life of “The Secret Life of Pets” was the Cat

Images Sources : astkhik.art



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